AAAS Elects SLST Dean as a Member

ON2018-04-19TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: School of Life Science and Technology

Lin Haifan, Founding Dean of School of Life Science and Technology (SLST) of ShanghaiTech, Yale University Professor of Cell Biology and Reproductive Sciences and Director of the Yale Stem Cell Center, was among 213 academics newly elected as members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), which celebrates excellence in a wide range of disciplines.

Professor Lin’s work focuses on the self-renewing mechanism of stem cells. He has been using Drosophila germline stem cells to explore how adult stem cells are regulated in the reproductive system. He uses mouse germline and embryonic stem cells, human embryonic stem cells, and Hydra stem cells as models to explore germline development and cancers related to the malignant proliferation of stem cells.

Professor Lin was appointed as Adjunct Professor in Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) in June of 2013. A year later he was appointed as the Founding Dean of SLST. In the past years, Professor Lin had made great progress in research and leadership at ShanghaiTech.

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