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【CCTV NEWS】朱宁教授:美国债务危机下中国应提高警惕
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10月18日,我院副院长朱宁教授做客CCTV NEWS《China 24》节目,关于中国如何应对美国债务危机这一问题,朱宁教授认为,作为美国最大的债权国,中国应开始建立行之有效的货币体系或货币储备来规避风险。

Host: So nice to have you on China 24, Professor Zhu. Well, the US debt ceiling is far, the debt crisis is far from over is actually just on hold. So, as the biggest creditor, how should China deal with this risk?

Zhu Ning: Well, I think, in the short run, there is probably not too much for the China to act right now, because I think there is a crisis of a sort of stabilizing. But I think in the mid to a longer run, there probably are a couple things that Chinese government or the Chinese reserve fund should do. One is, I think Chinese is already starting to diversify and to reduce its holdings in the US treasure just to diversify and to hedge some of the future risks coming from the practical deadlocks. And I think in a longer run, I think China has already started its attempt to build an authoritative monetary system or a reserve currency, I think, in an attempt that is, Chinese is leading other BRICK countries try to build a BRICK currency reserve. This is probably a very small step in Chinese attempt to try to diversify and build a new global currency or a new global monetary system.

Host: Well, let’s mention a Xinhua commentary has argued for a new international reserve fund to replace the US dollar so that international community can avoid the spill-over of intensifying US debt crisis. Do you agree with that?

Zhu Ning: I think there are a lot of messages to this idea but I also want to emphasize that there is a lot of potential challenges to dispose. I mean, we have an international currency which is the IMF special drawing reserve, the “SDR” and that has not seemed to resolve the issues for the challenges. The US dollar is dominating the international reserve currency for the moment. So, I think, it should be a long way before any other currency or another international currency is going to replace or compete with the US in the longer run.

Host: And do you think China should be worrying about this right now?

Zhu Ning: Yes, I think, I mean, this is probably a potential risk for not just China but for all many other countries which are being affected by the continuous tension between the two poles of the US politics which is I think causing unnecessary loss among the negative shock to the global economy.

Host: Well, thank you so much for your insights, Professor Zhu,. We are appreciated for your infos.

China 24 10/18/2013


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