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【CCTV NEWS】朱宁教授解析外商投资中国信心增强
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10月17日,我院副院长朱宁教授接受CCTV NEWS《Biz Asia》栏目的连线采访,对于近日中国成为外商投资的新宠,朱宁教授认为,在美国债务危机的影响下和中国投资环境的稳定以及未来巨大的发展潜力,外商投资中国市场的信心得以增强。

Host: Professor, can I ask you US economy. Certainly its recovery is still fragile and presumably the shutdown is harming that recovery and not only to the US, but to the rest of the world, as well.

Zhu Ning: Yes, I think the impact is actually periodically bad. I mean, for the US economy, as we have seen the GDP growth has been slowing down. Plus, I think the bigger problem for international countries and cooperation is the US treasury is benchmark for international foreign cost. So with the uncertainty in the US treasury default, the cost for a reason capital is increasing across the world. So this is pretty bad for the global economy to regain its track on the recovery. And there is one more thing. That is not forget that the US government’s spending has been a very important stimulus for the US economy recovery. So without a lot of systematic inputs from the government, I think the US economy recovery is still on the slippery side. We have to be careful with that.

Host: And Professor, this is the second time that the US Congress needed to raise its debt ceiling. Now, China’s official news agency just at that day released an opinion piece in title De-Americanized in an initiated call for China to have a less of reliance on the US dollar as a reserve currency. I mean just to get your view on that.

Zhu Ning: Well, I think there are certainly messages to this argument. I mean China has been a sort of susceptible to the uncertainties in the US treasury default. But I think there are two things we have to be careful about. One is, there is not an international currency. I mean the IMF special drawing rights “SDR” is a sort of an initiated currency but it has not been living up to the expectation of the international community. The second thing is, I think, China, at the same time, when it is saying about the De-Americanized, it is also trying their hard to speed heading the efforts to build up an authoritative international currency system. I think China’s leadership in the BRICK reserve currency or the reserve fund is a sort of an attempt to build an authoritative or a new global financial system which tries to compete or displace the US currency system.

Host: Alright, thanks very much for your thoughts tonight Nina Maria Potts in Washington and Professor Zhu Ning here in the Studio.

Host: For more analysis on Chinese business environment, we are bringing back Professor Zhu Ning. Professor, the growth from the foreign direct investment is larger in September than in August. What do you think makes China an attractive destination?

Zhu Ning: Well, I think there are probably two layers of different reasons. One is, if you look at the slowing down in the tapering off of the US quantitative easing, I think the entire emerging market is becoming more attractive than it was three or four months ago. And within the emerging market groups, I think China is especially attractive, because given the other emerging markets suggested in India and Indonesia, I think China is showing not only a sign of stabilization, but also, has also shown a greater possibility of further reforms. So people I think are more confident and more interested in investment in China in the next few years.

Host: Professor, we also saw a surprising declining foreign trade debt default in September. We got declined and a rising Chinese currency. How do you think in term of trade at the fourth quarter?

Zhu Ning: Well, I think it probably would remain both the same. I mean two competing factors at the work at the same time. The first is I think the Chinese Yuan is going to keep appreciating which is going to hurt Chinese export. On the other hand, with the solving of the problem of the US budget deficit problem. I mean, we are going to see stronger or faster recoveries in the developed economies which be both well for Chinese export. So I think those two forces are probably going to work together and at the end of the result, it probably doesn’t change too much in terms of the Chinese export flat.

Host: Professor Zhu Ning, thanks very much for your time tonight.

Biz Asia 10/17/2013


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