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【CCTV NEWS】朱宁教授:茂物目标只是一个实质性的小目标
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10月8日,我院副院长朱宁教授接受CCTV NEWS《Biz Asia》栏目的专访。谈及APEC的茂物目标,朱宁教授认为,茂物目标只是一个实质性的小目标,亚太自由贸易区内具体目标的实现还有很长的路要走。



Host: And now bring Professor Zhu Ning, deputy director at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiaotong University talk more about the latest APEC meeting and what we can expect at next year’s gathering here in Beijing. Professor Zhu, so the last time APEC was in Indonesia. The Bogor Goals of achieving free and open trade and investment for industry lines in developing economics is put forward. This is one of the APEC’s landmark proposals nearly twenty years on since that meeting. How much was the set progress achieved.

Zhu Ning: Well, I think it really depends on which goal you are looking at. I think there is the little goal and there is the substantive goal. In terms of trying to facilitate and promote the free trade and investment, I think the Bogor Goal has largely been fulfilled. But if you look at the specific goal of achieving free trade zone within the Asia-Pacific region, I think there is still a very long way to go and not too much time has been left.

Host: Alright, and we do see this’s a small region as it is still really upscaling the APEC free trade zone in the Asia-Pacific region. So more than a decade after the last APEC meeting was held in China, Professor, it is going to return to Beijing next year, what can we expect when China hosts the gathering next year in 2014.

Zhu Ning: Well, I think China will probably continue what it is doing right now. I mean I think what Mr. Xi Jinping is doing in this particular meeting. I think China is going to continue its engagement with the developing economies, with the regional economies. And as China grows more and more or it gradually steps into the mid-income countries, I think China is going to take the leadership in the collective bargaining between the developing economies and the developed economies and try to negotiate the global trade and the financial system.

Host: Alright, thanks for your insight, Professor Zhu Ning, deputy director at the Shanhai Advanced Institute of Finance at the Shanghai Jiaotong University, joining us in the studio tonight.

Biz Asia 10/08/2013 21:00

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