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【CCTV NEWS】朱宁教授:中国需警惕区域合作的多样性
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10月8日,我院副院长朱宁教授做客CCTV NEWS《China 24》栏目。朱宁教授在采访中表示,中国正在将自己的合作中心从欧洲和北美转向亚洲地区,这是一个健康且合理的趋势,但中国需要警惕亚洲合作国家的多样性和复杂性。



Host: And now for some analysis about what is going on in APEC meeting and how it is going to impact the region economy.  And now join in this studio by Professor Zhu Ning, deputy director of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiaotong University. Well, welcome to our Show, Mr. Zhu. Well, talk about APEC, we have to talk about the Bogor Goals which were agreed and reached by the member countries since two decades ago. It’s better treating free trade and investment. But how would you revalue the progress of that agreement.

Zhu Ning: Well, I think there are probably two words to look at the progress. If you look at the little goals of the Bogor Goals, then, many of them have not yet been fulfilled and there are too many years left on the course. But on the other hand, if you look at the eventual goal of trying to facilitate or promote free trade and free investment within the region, I think it actually has been a lot of progress along the directions. So in that sense, a part of the Bogor Goals not the little goals but the eventual goal of facilitating trade has been fulfilled in the past two decades.

Host: Let us also talk about China’s policy. China’s recent moved on its economic form. There is proposed to maritime circle and there is also circle linking central Asia with China in East Asia. And billions of deals signed by President Xi during his tour to central and now south Asia. It seems China has been shifting focus from its partners like in Europe and north of America to Asia.

Zhu Ning: Yeah, I think the shift has already been going on for several years. It is just at this moment that I think we see a very high-profile deal being made. But I think there are probably very good reasons behind. I mean, if you look back in the history, thirty, forty years ago, China has been trying very hard to engage African airlines from Asia, from Latin America. So, I think it would continue this trend. I mean I think it’s very healthy and very reasonable trend. But then, I think probably two things that China has to be very careful about. One is, this trend would have to take a long time before can really bear fruits. The second is, well, given the size and the economic development stage of those Asian partners, it will take a while before China could have found a really really a worthy partner that can replace it or the U.S., I mean, that is, I mean, be the capital investment, be the technology, be the institutional background. I think, there are still a lot of things that China could have learned from America and from the Europe.

Host: because of the diversity and complexity of those Asian partners.

Zhu Ning: Exactly, you have to have the diversity in your domestic and regional collaboration. 

China 24 10/09/2013 02:20


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