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【CCTV NEWS】朱宁教授:美国经济反弹动力仍然低于预期
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9月18日,我院副院长朱宁教授接受CCTV NEWS《Biz Asia 》栏目的连线采访。朱宁教授表示,即使三轮量化宽松政策过后,美国仍然没有实现大量的通货膨胀,目前经济反弹的动力仍然没有人们希翼的那么强劲。



Zhu Ning: Yeah, I think we will probably still have expected for the tapering and I think one will have to be careful by making in this distinction of the tapering and the end of the tapering. I think there will still be a tapering which is a long or () process. And it may take a while, I mean one and a half years, before the tapering completely finishes. So, I think we are still, we are still going to see some tapering, even though, I mean, the economy rebound is not as robust as some people would have wished for.

Zhu Ning: Well, I think there are probably two ways you can look at this problem. One is, I think Chairman Ben S. Bernanke was known for his over easier quantitative strategies, so I mean this is still being consistent with his own regional ideas for QE. On the other hand, I think, even after the three round of QE, there have not been a lot of inflations in the US. And if anything is possibly the emerging market bubbles or emerging market is worse again, if it is going to be some bubbles, it is going to be widespread through the rest of the world’s economy, the US itself is probably not to concern with that at the moment.

Biz Asia 09/18/2013 21:00 


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