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•    Pipeline building:  Be able to identify good investment opportunities while screening project proposals.  Provides independent analysis and views on investment proposals of both for recommendation and declining.  
•    Information collection and analysis:  Gathers all necessary information in support of understanding and analyzing a particular industry and/ or a specific/ targeted company from public and private sources.  Instills and analyzes information in depth and summarize the findings in concise manner.
•    Investment project review and document preparation:  Participates in due diligence or lead a defined DD effort including interviewing the management team and all relevant parties of the business such as the banks/ creditors, suppliers, customers, and competitor companies.  To independently prepare internal investment review documents by summarizing and analyzing DD information.  To independently develop financial analysis products including projection and valuation models.  
•    Negotiation with client company:  Support negotiation with targeted investment company or portfolio clients for specific business issues and to achieve measurable outcomes.  
•    Portfolio management:  Conducts supervision job for portfolio companies (could be multiple).
•    Fund investment portfolio analysis:  Helps the team and seniors to periodically conduct reviews and analysis of investment portfolios.  Presents the review products in clear concise format and emphasize key points.
•    Coordination with other departments of CICC:  Communicate with other departments effectively for meeting internal compliance.  Makes good use of all resources and information to support PE work and promote PE business.
•    Organization and team building:  Be an effective team builder and contributes tangibly in contributing to the growth of CICC PE institutional capacity.


1. Qualifications
•    Undergraduate or graduate degree on corporate finance, accounting, laws and business management, as well as engineering (with CFA, CPA qualification a plus)
•    Preferably with 5-7 years’ private equity business experience or relevant experience practicing practice corporate finance, business management with sound business judgment and/ or substantive working knowledge of green energy, electric vehicle, and semiconductor related industries. Experience in research teams of primary or secondary market is a plus.

2. Skills and Abilities
•    Ability to understand and analyze financial statement and reports
•    Ability of independently conduct financial and quantitative analysis including financial projection and valuation model
•    Basic understanding and knowledge of business law and be able to review common legal documents
•    Fluency in Mandarin a must. Good command of English (written & oral)
•    Professional maturity and ability to operate in a fast paced, competitive and adversarial work environment.
•    Ability to analyze and articulate a situation and be capable to assimilate complex details quickly.
•    Adapts easily to changing situations and exercises subtly in dealing with delicate situations

3. Personal quality
•    Exhibits the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.
•    Is high energy and perseveres with tenacity.
•    Enjoys problem solving and creating political strategies to achieve defined goals.
•    Is a self-initiator, versatile and assumes risk with responsibility.
•    Enjoys people and has strong networking/interpersonal capabilities.
•    Have appetite and be willing to negotiate hard and skillfully.
•    Be able to travel when needed



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