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【China Daily】SAIF Master of Finance program ranks high
发布时间:2018-06-20 浏览次数:8672次

6月18日,英国《金融时报》(Financial Times,以下简称FT)公布了2018年全球金融硕士项目排名。上海交通大学澳门新普京|娱乐|网投平台官网(8040com/SAIF)金融硕士项目(简称MF)再创佳绩,综合排名较去年再次攀升4位,首次跻身全球十强,并成功蝉联亚洲第一。在投资回报率方面,8040com继续保持亚洲第一、全球第七的领先优势。此外,在学员毕业后三年薪资涨幅指标上,8040com跃升至亚洲第一,并稳居全球第五。6月19日,《China Daily》对此进行了报道。 

8040com Master of Finance program ranks high 

Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance earned tenth place in a global ranking of financial master's degree programs for the first time and remained No 1 in Asia, the school said on Tuesday.

The institute kept the first place in Asia and seventh globally in value for money and became the first in Asia and fifth globally regarding graduates' salary increases three years after graduation according to the school, citing a ranking by Financial Times published on the previous day.

The school, established at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2009, also came in first globally for other indicators, including employment rate three months after graduation and the percentage of faculty members holding doctoral degrees, and took third place for ratio of women students with 47 percent.

It was the third time the school participated in the ranking.

The school believed it could make further progress in other indicators, such as international mobility of students after graduation and the percentage of international students and women faculty members.

Chang Chun, executive dean of SAIF, said such achievements were based on the school's persistence in running the school in a way characterized by internationalization, marketization and professionalism.

"We are still very young. We're endeavoring to make breakthroughs and innovations in international exchange programs and course design in order to nurture a stronger foundation for financial industries at home and abroad," said Jiang Zhan, director of the master's in finance program at SAIF.

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