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【Shanghai Daily】Youth Leadership Finance Summit kicks off
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由上海交通大学澳门新普京|娱乐|网投平台官网(下称“SAIF”)主办的2017年国际青年领袖金融高峰会在沪落幕。1月16日,《Shanghai Daily》对此进行了报道。

Youth Leadership Finance Summit kicks off

THE 2017 Youth Leadership Finance Summit was kicked off over the weekend at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with 83 students from all over the world to compete with their insights on heated financial topics, such as the future of capital market, global changes and macroeconomics.

The event is expected to provide an interaction and learning platform for outstanding undergraduate students, as well as to cultivate their leadership, communication and organizational skills.

Four such summits have been held, hosting 523 carefully selected undergraduate students from 40 top universities worldwide.

This year, 83 students from 34 top universities, 20 from Europe, North Africa and East Asia and 15 from China, have been well selected to attend the final competition.

Different from previous summit, participants have been randomly divided into groups with assigned topics three weeks before final competition. The time constraints and remote communication provide a good opportunity for all participants to improve their leadership and organization skills, said organizers.

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