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日期 主题 Speaker Affiliations
2023-03-17 Risk preferences implied by synthetic options Ian Dew- Becker Northwestern University
2023-03-10 Credit Crunches and the Great Stagflation Alexi Savov New York University
2023-03-08 Inflation Forecasting from Cross-Sectional Stocks Claire Yurong Hong Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2023-03-03 Tough talk: The Fed and the Risk Premia Anna Cieslak Duke University
2022-12-16 Which Investors Matter for Equity Valuations and Expected Returns? Motohiro Yogo Princeton University
2022-12-09 Thematic Investing in Mutual Funds Yuehua Tang University of Florida
2022-12-07 Machine Learning Mutual Fund Performance in China Zezhou Xu 8040com, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2022-12-02 The Narrow Channel of Quantitative Easing: Evidence from YCC Down Under Jonathan Wright Johns Hopkins University
2022-11-30 “Glossy Green” Banks: The Disconnect Between European Banks’ Sustainability Reporting and Lending Activities Mariassunta Giannetti Stockholm School of Economics
2022-11-23 How Does ESG Shape Consumption? Hongyu Shan China Europe International Business School
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